The Trust raises funds to support individuals and groups working in the areas of building peaceful communities, human rights, resolving conflict and protecting the environment.
It works to raise funds by way of donations, interest free loans and bequests.
Twice a year, in May and October, it invites individuals and groups to make submissions for funding for peace-related activities and projects.

Since its inception the Trust has given out more than $60,000 in grants. Projects funded include:

  • Establishment of the Community Mediation Service Tasmania
  • Australian Disarmament dialogue
  • United Nations Seminars
  • Domestic Violence Action Group
  • Campaign against war toys.
  • Attendance of senior students at the annual United Nations Association Conference
  • Production of a Peace Manual by high school students
  • Primary school Aboriginal Culture Centre
  • High school Australia-wide petition to world leaders
  • Support for newsletters and periodicals
  • Subsidy for the Peace Priorities Newsletter
  • Support for Community Peace Groups
  • Funding of a peace poetry anthology
  • Participation in the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague
  • Education on issues including East Timor, West Papua, landmines, prison reform etc.

If you are considering an activity with a peace-related aim or theme and would like some financial assistance, either look out for advertisements in the Tasmanian papers in May and October, or enter some details in the following form: