Annual Peace Trust Lectures

The Trust established the Annual Peace Trust Lecture in 1991. Special guest lecturers speak on peace-related themes.

The lectures have been published and are available for sale from The Hobart Bookshop, Fullers Bookshop, or by contacting Peace Trust members.
Copies can also be read at the Tasmanian Library in Murray Street.

The lectures are usually held in the Spring of each year; look out for news of them in the media.

Past Annual Peace Trust Lectures

Last Lecture By Phil Glendenning
2020Kerry Howells
“The place of gratitude in the search for deeper peace”
2019Phil Glendenning
“From Uluru to Nauru: The Peace that Still Eludes Australia”



Henry Reynolds
“Australia’s Unnessary Wars”

Monique Toohey

“Fear & Anger, Emotional Disruptors of Intercultural Connectivness”
2016 David Tacey
“Spirit Country: The Aboriginal Gift as Non-Violent Resistance”
2014 Joseph A. Camilleri
“Between War and Peace: Australia’s Past and Future”
2013 Dr Bob Brown
“Will Anyone Step off the Pavement?”
2012 Cedric Manen
“Refugee resettlement in Tasmania”
Peace Trust Lecture 2012 Flyer
2011 Rob Green, Retired Commander, Royal Navy
“From Swords to Ploughshares – Breaking Free from Nuclear Deterence”
2010 Dr. Abdullah Saeed
“Foundations of Peace in the Quar’an”
2009 Jason MacLeod
“The Struggle for Freedom in West Papua: Non-Violent Resistance and Resilience”
2008 Julian Burnside
Does Australia need a Bill of Rights?
Peace Trust Lecture 2008 Flyer
2007 Debra Hocking
Reconciliation – Truth, Justice and Healing
2006 Claire Raward
An informal talk on Tibetan Refugees
2005 Veronica Brady
Drawing forth our Humanity: Putting Justice, Truth and Compassion back on Australia’s Agenda.
2004 Phillip Adams
                               “The Emu’s Bum
(or) “The Situation is Hopeless: We must Take the Next Step“”
2003 Brendan McKeague
“Dancing in Chaos – Working for Peace within Conflict”
2002 Dr. Stuart Rees
Recovering Humanity: the Means of Peace with Justice
2001 Sophie Rigney
Lecturer in Law University of Dundee, and is still involved in community and equity issues.
Carrie McDougall
Lecturer in Law at the University of Melbourne, and is still involved in human rights issues.
Gwinn McCarrick
Completed a Doctorate in Law and is practising criminal law in Hobart. Is still involved in human rights issues
“Pathways to Peace”
2000 Tim Costello
Diversity: A Clash or an Opportunity?
1999 Pat Walsh
Human Rights Coordinator for the Australian Council for Overseas Aid
Publisher of Inside Indonesia magazine.
Changing Relationships: East Timor, Australia and Indonesia
Project Impunity”
1998 Sr Patricia Pak Poy
Sisters of Mercy nun and educator.
International campaign to ban landmines
“Building our Capacity for Peace”
1997 Margaret Scott
Writer, lecturer and TV personality.
Peace and conflict in a rural community.
“”Uneasy Eden:” Peace and Conflict in a Rural Community”
1996 Steve Biddulph
Writer and psychologist.
Raising children peacefully.
Steve Bidullph Talks……
1995 Michael Mansell
Lawyer and Aboriginal rights campaigner.
Building understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.
1994 Stella Cornelius
Founder of the conflict resolution network.
Building conflict-resolving communities.
Building Conflict-Resolving Community”
1993 Gwen Harwood
Poet and librettist.
How poets have seen issues of conflict, war and peace.
“Freely They Stood Who Stood, and Fell Who Fell”
1992 Barney Roberts
Writer and farmer.
Concern for people and the making of a better world.
“Gods & Neighbours”
1991 Dr Keith Suter
International lawyer and peace researcher.
Looking at unemployment as though people matter.
1991 – Employment As Though People Mattered