List of Tasmanian Peace Trust Annual Lectures.

2017 Monique Toohey: Fear & Anger, Emotional Disruptors of Intercultural Connectiveness

2016 David Tacey:  Spirit Country: The Aboriginal Gift as Non-Violent Resistance

2014 Joseph A. Camilleri:  Between War and Peace: Australia’s Past and Future

2013  Dr Bob Brown: Will Anyone Step off the Pavement?

2012  Cedric Manen: Refugee Resettlement in Tasmania

2011  Commander Rob Green: Breaking Free from Nuclear Deterrence”

2010  Dr. Abdullah Saeed: “Foundations of Peace in the Quar’an”.

2007 Jason MacLeod: “The Struggle for Freedom in West Papua: Non-Violent Resistance and Resilience”

2008  Julian Burnside: “Does Australia Need A Bill of Rights”

2007  Debra Hocking: “Reconciliation – Truth, Justice and Healing”

2006  Claire Raward: An informal ltalk on Tibetan Refugees

2005 Sr Veronica Brady: “Drawing forth our Humanity: Putting Justice, Truth and Compassion back on  Australia’s Agenda”

2004  Phillip Adams: “Australia – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”

2003  B McKeague: “Dancing in Chaos: Working for Peace within Conflict”

2002 Prof S.Rees: “Recovering Humanity – the Means of Peace with Justice”

2001 S. Rigney, C.  McDougall & G. Mac Carrick: “Pathways to Peace”

2000 Rev Tim Costello: “Diversity: A Clash or an Opportunity?”

1999  Pat Walsh: “Changing Relationships –East Timor, Australia, Indonesia”

1998 Sr Patricia PakPoy: “International campaign to ban land mines”

1997 Margaret Scott: “Peace and conflict  in a rural community”

1996 Steve Biddulph: “Raising children peacefully”

1995 Michael Mansell: “Building Understanding Between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians”

1994 Stella Cornelius: “Building conflict-resolving communities”

1993 Gwen Harwood: “How poets have seen issues of conflict, war & peace”

1992 Barney Roberts: “Concern for people & the making of a better world”

1991 Dr Keith Suter: “Looking at Unemployment as Though People Matter”